About Us

About Us

Forging a better tomorrow!

Our History

As a relatively new University, founded in 2018, we are designing Graduate level programs that  will be most beneficial in creating a better tomorrow. Through assistance of the British Virgin Island’s government we have established a union with the purpose of creating a well rounded education. 

Although our University is relatively young, we are setting our sights on the future.  Our students will be provided a high level education through the use of our experienced staff and faculty.  Through this dedication and commitment our students will continue to change the world.    


UHHVI’s mission is to provide medical education in a humanisticmanner, embracing high standards of excellence and professionalism that are incumbent for a program to facilitate a student’s pathway to success inspired by physicians throughout history. These attributes are necessary to train the leaders of tomorrow.

Activities on the Island

  • The British Virgin Islands are one of the most beautiful sets of Islands in the entire Caribbean with a large array of events for students to participate in.   Below are just a few things students who go to the island can experience.

Upcoming Events

UHHVI is currently developing our programs and seeking accreditation.  Please check back soon for more information.