Why is UHHVI the right choice for you?

Why ChoOse UHHVI

If you have the drive and the motivation to spend rigorous hours working to save others, a career as a Physician might be the right choice for you. If becoming a physician is the right career move then we believe that The University of Health and Humanities Virgin Islands should be where you start your journey. We know we can turn anyone who is well qualified into becoming an amazing doctor. 

Our program was designed with the intent of creating exceptional physicians. Our staff has a long history of working in Medical Schools and preparing dedicated individuals into becoming great doctors. We know you will choose our University because we can help you achieve any aspirations you have for your future medical career.

What Sets Us Apart

With a culture built on diversity and equal opportunity we give any and all students the same ability to achieve success. We strongly believe that if you put in the hours to become a great physician then no matter what, we as a University can help you achieve this goal. All students are viewed equally in our eyes. We try our very best to create an easy and accommodating learning environment so that students can focus on their studies and create positive memories while in Medical School. 

With our well rounded program that was designed for working professionals our University provides the care and flexibility for all who aspire to become physicians. Through several online courses and through dedicated professors students are provided the resources needed to achieve an incredible education at a pace they are comfortable with. Most medical schools dictate the pace for students whereas our program allows students to complete the requirements needed to become a physician at a pace that is greatest for their own success. At University of Health and Humanities Virgin Islands we understand people learn and study at varying paces and we accommodate all.

What to Expect

The University of Health and Humanities has worked to create an easy and efficient application process. With this in mind we have created this notice to inform applicants and potential future students of what to expect during their admission period.

Students must have their application completed in its entirety a minimum of 60 days prior to the start of their desired semester.

Student will then be given a notice of acceptance or denial from the school 30 days prior to start of the desired starting semester.

Lastly to start on the desired semester all students accepted must complete all matriculation requirements (pay matriculation fee, attended an orientation session, and submitted all official transcripts) a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start of the first semester. If students do not meet all of these requirements they will not be able to start on time.