Learn about the acceptance process at the University of Health and Humanities Nursing Programs.


At the University of Health and Humanities Virgin Island Nursing Programs a future student is able to apply online at any given point. The first section of the application is fairly general but specific requirements and documents will be requested at the end of each application. 

Acceptance for all nursing programs will be done on a rolling basis. Acceptances will occur during spring, summer and fall for each program as well. 

Once a student has been accepted into the program they must submit official transcripts and their matriculation fee no less then 2 weeks prior to their expected start date. Students who fail to submit either their official transcripts or pay their matriculation fee will then be placed under review for possible removal of acceptance.

If students have any questions about their application into the program we highly recommend that they contact our admissions team. Our admissions team will do their very best to answer all concerning questions.

Lastly, all prospective students will be subject to a criminal background check prior to their start in the program to confer whether they are able to practice or not. 

Additional Note

University of Health and Humanities Virgin Islands provides education in LPN, RN, BSN and NP. All programs require slightly different requirements for acceptance. All requirements for each program can be found at the end of every application. Prospective Students are not subject to acceptance until all requirements of the application have been completed.