Listed Below are the Curriculum Requirements and the structure of the program.

Program Structure

The curriculum for this program was designed after a combination of several of the leading Veterinary Programs. Through our program students will be prepared through a combination of online education and in person clinicals.

The program is expected to take between six months to one year to complete and after, graduates will be awarded with a certificate as a Veterinary Assistant.

The curriculum is designed for students to first complete a series of online courses that will give students access they need to succeed in a real clinical environment. 

Once complete with their online requirements students will complete a series of clinical requirements that will simulate the real tasks and duties of a Veterinary Assistant. 

Lastly once all clinicals have been completed and signed off by the attending Veterinarian. Students will submit their clinicals and receive their certificate as a Veterinary Assistant. 

Additional Note: 

  • During the Clinical phase of the program requirements can overlap and students are able to receive hourly credit for whatever the Veterinarian believes the student was prepared in. 

Online Courses

  • 1. Anatomy, Physiology, and Terminology (3 Credits)
  • 2. Computer Standards (1 Credit)
  • 3. CPR and First Aid (1 Credit)
  • 4. Comparative Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology (3 Credits)
  • 5. Clinical Procedures (3 Credits)
  • 6. Aseptic Technique (1 Credit)
  • 7. Animal Nutrition (3 Credits)
  • 8. Diagnostic Imaging (3 Credits)
  • 9. Animal Nursing (2 Credits)
  • 10. Pharmacology (3 Credits)
  • 11. Surgical Assisting (2 Credits)
  • 12. Anesthesia (1 credit)
These courses will all be provided exclusively online and will provide the foundation for knowledge to work as a Veterinary Assistant effectively.

The completion of these courses should take anywhere from three months to six months depending on the rate the student works.

Each course will be graded depending on how students perform on the section quizzes and exams. Grades will  be provided on an A-F scale and only grades of C or better will be accepted for completion of any given section

Clinical Requirements

  • 1.  Office Etiquette & Clinical Procedures (120 Hrs Required)
  • 2.  Animal Restraint (60 Hrs Required)
  • 3.  Examination Room Procedures (30 Hrs Required)
  • 4.  Pharmacy & Pharmacology (30 Hrs Required)
  • 5.  Surgical Preparation & Assisting (60 Hrs Required)
  • 6.  Small Animal Nursing (60 Hrs Required)
  • 7.  Radiology & Ultrasound Imaging (30 Hrs Required)

Clinicals are allowed to overlap and students are able to gain credit for all clinicals the attending Veterinarian believes the student is competent in. 

Clinical completion is expected to take between one and three months.

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