Learn about the details of the program! 

Curriculum Details

The Curriculum for our Licensed Practical Nursing Program was designed after a culmination of several other top Nursing programs. We have designed our courses to supplement the knowledge needed in topics such as Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy.

The way the program will work is that students will be subject to the set lectures which are stated below. Once complete with all lecture courses  students will become eligible for completion of their clinical requirements. 

Clinicals will be allowed to be completed on either the island or through the students desired facility by way of an Affiliation Request. Students who would like to complete their clinicals in their desired location must submit and affiliation request to our Student Services department and with clearance through the department the student shall be allowed to complete their clinical requirements.

All in all the program was designed to by extremely student oriented and is expected to be completed within a year.



All courses listed will be provided online or can be viewed in person. For students from BVI or PR we recommend they attend lectures in person but they will have the ability to attend classes online as well.  

– Pharmacology 
– Adult Health and Nutrition I
– Basic Diagnostics and Terminology
– Adult Health and Nutrition II
– Basic Life Support and Emergency Medical Equipment
– Drug Administration
– New Born Nursing and Health
– Pediatric Nursing Procedures
– Mental Health
– Geriatric Nursing and Health

All clinicals will be available for completion either through acceptance of an affiliation request or through completion on Island at a recommended facility. 

– Clinical I (Geriatrics)

– Clinical II (Mental Health)

– Clinical III (Pediatric & Infant Nursing)

– Clinical IV (Practical Nursing)