Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

LPN Program

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The benefits of Getting an LPN Certification

A certificate as a Licensed Practical Nurse opens the door to work in many healthcare fields. From various jobs working in  agencies, hospice, correctional facilities, clinics and selected hospitals LPNs have a wide array of job opportunities. Also with an expected 12% growth rate for needed LPNs many more positions are sure to open up.

Along with the stable job security and high levels of job placement those certified as LPNs are blessed in that they are well set up for higher level education. Through our bridge programs LPNs can gain degrees as RNs, BSNs or even as NPs. 

The program is well designed to prepare all students for a career as a nurse. With a curriculum that combines clinical experience along with crucial lecture based course material our students are exposed to all they need to know to work as great LPNs. 

Additional Note

Although this program only awards a certificate one more year of study is able to award an associates degree to work as a Registered Nurse. Through 1-2 years of studying following an RN degree students can be awarded a BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing). Lastly if students then decided they want to even further their education a master or doctorate degree can be earned and students will gain the ability to work as Nurse Practitioners. All in all our nursing program was designed with the goal of providing all levels of nursing education one could desire.

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