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Learn more about a future as a well qualified Physician.


Thank you for your interest in our Medical program.  We are currently working to develop and receive accreditation for this program. 

Please check back soon for more updates.  We look forward to furthering your career in Medicine.

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The University of Health and Humanities (Virgin Islands), was established and licensed in 2018 by the Government of the British Virgin Islands.  We are located on the beautiful, friendly, and accommodating island of Tortola in the heart of the Caribbean. 

Our educational philosophy is founded on well-established traditional and “time-honored” academic pursuits.  Each carefully designed course will be taught by experienced Professors and Clinicians, having long standing academic and professional expertise.

We believe all our students are destined for great success and we will do everything in our power to help them achieve their full potential. We hope you begin your career in medicine here.


The vision of the founding members of UHHVI is to develop a program of medical education based on the well-established strengths of traditional western medicine, emphasizing scientifically based research to enhance options for effective therapies during health and illness. 

Our educational curriculum is based on the premise that a solid foundation in biomedical sciences is a prerequisite for a career in medicine. Our commitment to excellence and professionalism in the science and technology of allopathic medicine ensures dedicated students will be well prepared for entry to a lifelong career in medicine. As the world faces new medical challenges the medical knowledge and learned skills will serve our students far beyond their date of graduation and will inspire their quest for life-long learning.

Historically, scientific technological advances have been incorporated into elements of traditional clinical practice and have formed an essential link between research and medicine. UHHVI places a high priority on research and invites all students to participate in research activities related to their field of study. UHHVI encourages students to incorporate clinical research electives into their study plan, and to contribute to the writing and authorship of scientific articles to be published in medical journals. The academic programs UHHVI offers thereby integrate salient aspects of holistic and allopathic medical care using scientifically documented elements of nutrition and other supportive therapies with traditional medicine.


UHHVI’s mission is to provide a medical education in a humanistic manner, embracing high standards of excellence and professionalism that are incumbent for a program to facilitate a student’s pathway to success inspired by physicians throughout history.  These attributes are necessary to train the leaders of tomorrow.