Program Overview

Medical School: Learn the Logistics

Understand the Curriculum and the expectations it requires to suceed in Medical School.

Program Overview

Our Medical School is a 4 year program that awards a Medical Doctorate (MD) Degree. All students are required to attend the program for Four years to receive the degree. Advanced standing is only awarded to students who were previously enrolled in another accredited Medical University and have passing grades in required course work. 

The program consists of 2 years worth of in class Review of Systems and 2 years of Clinical Rotations. 

The 2 years of Review of Systems entails a series of in class and online lectures that provide the foundations to medicine and practice techniques for physicians. These courses are all taught by our Medical School staff. These two years are often very difficult for students because students are exposed to a lot of new content and are held to very high expectations of excellence. Yet, through dedication and perseverance students are well prepared to succeed. Lastly, through our flexible schedules students are able to conquer these courses at whatever pace they feel is most appropriate for themselves. 

The 2 years of Clinicals allow students a bit more flexibility because clinicals are able to be completed during students available time. Clinicals can be completed at any accredited teaching hospital as long as it is cleared by our student services as an acceptable mechanism for learning. During this section of the program students submit affiliation requests to complete the desired set of clinicals and once all requirements are met students can apply for graduation.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum was designed after several of the top Medical programs in the world. With our rigorous but fair course load all our Medical students should be able to pass any licensing board exam they plan on taking. With our brilliant and well prepared instructors students will be taught Medicine at an exceptional level. We hope that through our program, all students will feel prepared to face the real world challenges of working as a Physician. 

Students are required to complete their Review of Systems and mandatory web based courses the first two years before they are able to move on to clinical rotations.  During the last two years of medical school students will complete clinical rotations.  During this time students must complete all core and elective clinical rotations in order to graduate.  Any other clinical rotations completed by students will affect their grades but will be counted as additional elective rotations.  In total, there are 80 credits worth of required clinical rotations for graduation.

Although the entire curriculum is linked below, if students or future students have any questions regarding the curriculum we highly recommend they contact us.   


The Curriculum at University of Health and Humanities has been well thought out and designed after many other top Medical Schools. Through a combination of Review of Systems and Online Web based courses students are exposed to all information needed to make smart and informed decisions regarding proper healthcare. Once complete with all required Review of Systems students are able to begin Clinical Rotations at their desired hospitals and are able to gain hands on experience in a real life medical environment. Finally, when students are complete with all course requirements students are set for graduation.

Through set standards of required course work all students are on a level playing field for graduation. Yet, students are encouraged to take additional Web classes and Clinicals that they believe will be beneficial to their futures as physicians. Extra experience will help students stand out and increase their likelihood of attaining their desired residencies.


During students time in Medical School we highly recommend students prepare for life past Medical School. By this we mean that students should begin to figure out where they would like to practice medicine and all the requirements needed to practice in their desired area. For example students looking to practice in the  United States must complete all requirements of the ECFMG and take all Steps needed for certification.


Whereas students looking to practice in other Caribbean countries need to look into and meet all requirements of CARICOM. Medical School requires a lot of attention to detail and students must be prepared and aware of all additional requirements that must be completed to practice in their desired country.  Although the University will help with these steps, a lot of the responsibility is on the students to complete and they must be aware of this.

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