Program Overview

Program Details

Learn about the general details of our Veterinary Program.

Program Overview

Our Veterinary program is a 4 year program that awards a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Degree. All students are required to attend the program for four years to earn the degree. Advanced standing is only awarded to students who were previously enrolled in another accredited Veterinary Program and have passing grades (no less than a C-) in all required course work. 

The program is designed to be a culmination of clinical and lecture based material. The 4th Year is composed entirely of clinical based work and can be completed in a country and facility of the students choice. An affiliation agreement must be in place in order to receive credit for clinical rotations at any facility.   

Once all requirements have been satisfied students can gain eligibility for graduation. At this time students should begin  preparations for licensing board examinations such as the ECFVG (which helps students gain the ability to practice in the United States). 

Becoming a Veterinarian can be a tough and rigorous accomplishment.  A career as a Veterinarian can be very rewarding.  UHHVI can help many exceptional individuals  become outstanding Veterinary Clinicians.  

Important Details

Our program is currently sponsored through the government of the British Virgin Islands. In doing so they hope to incorporate several of our graduates to stay and work in the British Virgin Islands.

We know we can help elevate Veterinary medicine around the globe. For those looking to practice Veterinary Medicine in the United States please know our program is currently working on accreditation through the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA).  


The curriculum is designed after several of the top Veterinary Programs around the world. Through a combination of lectures and online based instruction students are exposed to all information needed to make wise and informed decisions regarding proper healthcare. Students are also exposed to a large array of clinical rotations during their time in the program which is intended to prepare them for all real life scenarios they may face as a practicing Veterinarian. 

Through partnership and academic excellence our curriculum is able to establish many great Veterinarians. As a University and a student body with dedication and a drive for success we will elevate all our students to think and work like the great Veterinarians that have come before them.