Program Overview

Program Overview

Learn more about what an education in Veterinary Medicine entails.

We created this program for people who have a passion in helping out our four-legged friends. Does this encompass something you are interested in? If yes, then maybe a career as a Veterinary Assistant is the right path for you. While working as a Veterinary Assistant you will be working hand in hand with Veterinarians in providing care for those who cannot receive it on their own.

If you enjoy being around animals and have a desire to keep them healthy then University of Health and Humanities would love to help you in attaining a certificate as a Veterinary Assistant.

Veterinary Assistants are prepared to aid Veterinarians in healthcare for all domestic animals. They provide aid through nursing, bathing, feeding, handling and on occasion administering medication to animals when prescribed by a veterinarian. 

All in all a career as a Veterinary Assistant provides an exciting life that truly makes a huge impact on the domestic animals who make a huge impact on all of our lives.