Program Overview

Program Overview

Learn about the expectations and requirements it takes to be a great Nurse!

Nursing Overview

The University of Health and Humanities has long been working on creating well rounded curriculum and programs for all their nursing majors. Whether you are studying to become a Licensed Practicing Nurse (LPN), or have a bachelors in nursing (BSN) or are hoping to work as a Nurse Practitioner (NP) UHHVI has a program for you. 

All of our curriculum’s were designed after several of the top Universities throughout the globe. With a combination of lecture material and in person clinicals, all programs will expose students to all the real life material and experience needed to be a great nurse. 

Our LPN program is a one year certificate program that will help allow students work in a variety of nursing facilities. LPN certified nurses often work in nursing home, assisted living facilities and certain licensed hospitals. It is a great career and a great program for anyone looking to get into the field of nursing.

Our BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) program is a 4 year undergraduate degree program that licensed nurses to work in all nursing facilities. Generally nurses who have a BSN make slightly higher wages then nurses with an RN and often nurses with a BSN have the option to work as a charge nurse on a hospital floor. Nurses with a BSN are well prepared to work in any hospitals or other healthcare facility they chose.

Lastly, our NP (Nurse Practitioner) program is a graduate level program that awards a degree as a Nurse Practitioner. This program can take between 2-3 years post receiving a BSN. Nurse Practitioners are well qualified healthcare providers who have the ability to prescribe medication and can even run their own practices. It is an amazing career that many aspire to reach.

All in all every program was designed with the intent to strengthen and grow our nursing force. We believe nurses are the engine that helps healthcare work and for the special individuals who work as nurses we have the up most gratitude towards.

Vision & Values

Our vision for our new Nursing Programs is to greatly expand the nursing workforce. With there being great shortages in nurses throughout the world we hope to educate many so that they are able to help the millions of people in need. Nurses are truly courageous, strong minded and exceptional individuals.

Your Future Starts Here.

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