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Program Overview

Our Licensed Practical Nurse certificate program is a 6 month to 1 year program which is completed through a combination of online lectures and in person clinicals. This program was designed to expose students to all information needed to succeed in a fast paced demanding nursing field.

The way that the online lectures will commence is that students will log onto their online student portals where live lectures will be given by our amazing staff. Students then will be graded through a combination of test scores and determined coursework.

The way that the in person clinicals will work is that students will be required to find an LPN or RN to work with in their desired location of study. Once a mentor is found the student will submit an affiliation agreement to our student service department and as long as the mentor meets all requirements the mentor will train the student in the expected clinical fields. Grading for the clinicals will be based on the students mentors reviews of the students. 

All grades will be evaluated on a 0.00 to 4.30 scale. 

Additional Information

For students from the British Virgin Islands lecture courses
will be provided live and online. This will allow students on
the island the ability to take their lectures in person. With our goal of expanding nursing we are truly trying to make our programs extremely accessible to all.