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What Sets BVI Apart

Learn more about why BVI could be a great home for you!

why choose uhhvi?

  1. From breath taking beaches to exquisite dining options, BVI is truly an outstanding place to live. The islands house several amenities and makes living easy for all.  Whether it is the great faculty and staff or the accommodations the islands provide, all students are set up for success. We love working on this beautiful island and we know that you as students will love the island as well.


The island on which UHHVI resides is one with many resources. Students will have access to several different great restaurants, markets and facilities. With the school only a short drive away from the capital of the British Virgin Islands (Road Town) students are exposed to all the necessities needed to live a normal life. 

Tortola’s economy runs on the United States dollar but accepts several different currencies as well. This makes it easy for students to pay for goods during their time on the Island.

The destination also has many great attractions for students to enjoy. For example the British Virgin Islands house some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  These beaches are public for all to enjoy. 

Come Experience Our Beautiful Home!

With tons of great amenities for all, students will be happy they chose UHHVI!

Come Make BVI YOur HOme!