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Evening Division

The Evening Division at UHHVI consists of live lectures in a variety of subjects broadcast via webinar in a blended instructional format and are designed to enable both undergraduate students, medical students, and graduate students to complete needed coursework. This allows individualized degree programs to operate in a more timely and cost effective manner than a traditional brick and mortar Institution, often without leaving the confines of their home or office.  The Evening Division program is therefore similar to programs offered by many US Colleges and Universities with the added advantage to the student of participating from a remote location at or close to home without  commuting to a campus. Thus, in many cases, the student is able to continue their employment or other studies while continuing their individualized program of study. The Evening Division College utilizes the SPOC [Small Platform Online Course] format for most lectures, now shown to be the most effective way to provide instruction to high performing students.

Students may enroll in one or more subjects per semester so as to enable the student the opportunity to ‘self pace’ their studies and balance them against their domestic, employment and/or other obligations during the progress of their studies. Both full-time and part-time students are welcome in the Evening Division and students may enroll in the scheduled courses in a for credit or not for credit mode.   If taken for credit, the student must sit for the scheduled examinations and meet attendance requirements.

Additional Note:

The Evening Division may be taken concurrently with any program of study, thus enabling the student to complete their degree program in a more timely and individualized manner. The following BS, MS, miscellaneous doctorate and PhD academic programs are currently available in part or entirely in the Evening College Division and in collaboration with the Einstein Graduate Institute


Associate in Science [AS]
Bachelor of Science [BS, BSc]
Bachelor of Education [BEd]
Master of Science [MS, MSc]
Master of Public Health [MPH]
Master in Nursing [MSN]
Doctor of Philosophy [PhD]
PhD in Medicine [PhD]
Doctor of Science [ScD]
Doctor of Education [EdD]
Doctor of Pharmacy [PharmD]**
Doctor or Physical or Occupational Therapy {DPT, DOT]**
Doctor of Public Health {DPH]
Doctor of Nursing Practice {DNP]**

Master and Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering

Independent Study and Special Topic options

Areas of concentration include Specializations in the following disciplines:

Biomedical Sciences
Forensic Pathology
Nutritional Sciences/Bionutrition
Health Care Management
Environmental and Physical Sciences, and others including General Studies and a self-designed, major area of concentration.

Professional Licensure for applicants for  entry level in the primary discipline in any US State or Territory  or foreign [non-US based] Nation or Territory may be required.

Please see prerequisites for these programs below:

*Master’s degree programs may be taken in a thesis or non-thesis mode, but all doctoral degrees require a formal thesis and oral defense of the dissertation. 

**Professional Licensure for applicants for  entry level in the primary discipline in any US State or Territory  or foreign [non-US based] Nation or Territory may be required.

The Bachelors in General Studies/Self-designed area of concentration option is especially useful for applicants who may have completed a broad variety of coursework at multiple Institutions and thus enables that individual to optimize their transfer credits into a self designed Bachelor’s or Graduate degree program. 

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