Tuition and Fees

Costs and Tuition


The tuition for the Medical School Program at the University of Health and Humanities Virgin Islands is set at $5,900.00 per semester. In total the program will cost upwards of $71,000.00 over 4 years (12 semesters) of Medical School. Tuition per semester must be paid in full prior to the start of each semester or students must be on an accepted payment plan prior to their start date. Students who fail to pay their tuition will be subject to delays in their education until they are paid. 

For students who have proof of either being from the British Virgin Islands or are from Puerto Rico our school is offering a discounted rate of tuition. For residents of the Islands or  Puerto Rico that rate of tuition per semester is set at $4,400.00.  In total the tuition for these students should cost approximately $53,000.00 over 4 years (12 semesters).  Like all other students, if tuition is not paid in full prior to the start of each semester or a student fails to meet agreements of a payment plan the student is subject to delays in their education.

Lastly, cost of tuition is subject to change. Tuition is expected to increase between 4.00% to 7.00% per year to contravene the effects of inflation.

Additional Costs

Program Costs have been set below. These costs are subject to change as the program evolves. Yet, for the first year these are the additional expenses students should expect.

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