Veterinary Assistant Program


Through our Veterinary Assistant Program we  provide a route for all to make a difference in our Planet!

Our History

Founded in 2018, we designed this program with the hope to provide an alternative route for special individuals to gain access to a great and growing career as a Veterinary Assistant. Through this program students will be exposed to the information they need to succeed in an exciting career in Veterinary Medicine. 

Through a combination of online education and in person interactive clinicals students will be prepared for all tasks required to work as a Veterinary Assistant. With our program we believe we can help make the world a better place through training exceptional people in the field of Veterinary Assistance.


Our mission is to create a better tomorrow through creating a strong work force who can assist in healing those who do not have a voice. We believe we can prepare hundreds of unique and special individuals into becoming outstanding Veterinary Assistants. Our goal is that through preparing Veterinary Assistants we will help make a difference to our animal brethren in providing them a route of proficient healing. 

Your Future Starts Here.

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