Transfer Policy

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Below please find the general rules and guidelines for transfer students.

Transfer Policy

At the University of Health and Humanities Virgin Islands we are accepting of students looking to transfer from other ECFVG recognized Veterinary Programs. Prospective students looking to transfer must submit a general application.

Potential transfer students must also submit all transcripts from prior Veterinary Programs.  These courses will be evaluated by our admissions staff to determine if transfer credits will be awarded.

Students looking to transfer must have a previous Veterinary School GPA of no less then a 2.5 on a 4 point grading scale. No grades of C- or less will be accepted for transfer.

If accepted transfer students are required to submit an official transcript from all previous Veterinary institutions no less then 2 weeks prior to their expected start date. Students who do not meet this requirement will go under review for continued acceptance into the program and may even be withdrawn. 

Additional Note

University of Health and Humanities Virgin Islands is a very accepting program and will do what it can to accommodate to new students. At UHHVI we hold our student body to the highest standards of professionalism and expect all students to understand that the University has specific rules and regulations that must be upheld. We teach with the priority to enhance diversity, expertise and elevate levels of academic excellence.